The Best Neon Films

Neon is a recent film producing company. It is famous for showing stories, which are original and based on facts. Neon has won the hearts of viewers by continuously giving blockbuster movies. It has a unique and attractive concept for making films. The nail-biting films from Neon do not allow any fan to miss even a single film made by Neon company. From the movie Palm Springs to Ingrid Goes West, Neon has given many such blockbuster films to the box office.

Here we will discuss some of the best Neon movies.

Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a romantic comedy film directed by Max Barbakow. This film is based on a wedding theme. The actor and producer Andy Samberg played the role of Nyles, and the lead actress Cristin Milioti played the role of Sarah in this movie. Palm Strings was released in July 2020 on Hulu. The film revolves around a story where the actor Andy stuck in living the same day over and over again. The romantic love-bond between Nyles and Sarah has been depicted in an excellent manner in the film. Overall, this movie is an excellent combination of romance and comedy and is a must-watch film for everyone.

Beach Rats

Beach Rats is a popular movie of 2017 and directed by Eliza Hittman. The actor in the lead role of his film is Harris Dickinson, who is playing the role of Frankie, and the actress in the lead role is Madeline Weinstein, who is playing the role of Simone. The story of the film tells us that Frankie is a young guy, and his father and mother want him to find a girlfriend for him. Later, you will get to know that Frankie is gay, and he chats online with older men at night. Simultaneously, he is also in a relationship with a young girl Simone. The film revolves around this story and is a great package of entertainment to watch.

Assassination Nation

Assassination Nation is a comedy-thriller film based on the story of four high school girls. The director and writer of the movie is Sam Levinson. The four actresses in the lead role of this move are Odessa Young as Lily Colson, Suki Waterhouse as Sarah Lacey, Hari Nef as Bex Warren, and Abra as Em Lacey. In this film, a computer hacker hacks the personal data of the people of Salem and leaks it. After this, the four girls in the lead role become violent to take revenge. If you are a fan of thriller and action along with some comedy, then this is a perfect film for you to watch.


The Parasite is the most popular Korean language movie released in 2019. The director of this film is Bong Joon-ho. It is a great inspirational movie. This movie tells us about the story of a poor family who is struggling with their financial problems. Due to their financial crisis, a wealthy family helps this poor family to become rich by showing them as poor people with excellent qualifications.


Gemini is another thriller movie by Neon company. It is directed by Aaron Katz. It is a murder mystery in which an assistant of a Hollywood actress was found murdered in her home. The movie revolves around the story of solving the murder mystery. It is a very popular thriller movie, and everyone should watch it.

Vox Lux

Vox Lux is another entertaining movie released by Neon company in 2018. The director and writer of this movie is Brady Corbet. The famous Hollywood actress Natalie Portman is playing the role of Celeste Montgomery in this film. According to the story of the film, when Celeste was thirteen years old, she somehow managed to survive a deadly shooting at their school. After this tragedy happened, she sang a song in honor of those people who had lost their lives in that deplorable tragedy. This song uplifted her career and turned her to a music pop star. She started to become more famous and gained a lot of fame because of her talent and survivor. It is a must-watch movie for everyone, as it is also an inspirational movie.

Ingrid Goes West

Ingrid Goes West is another famous movie in the comedy genre. It was released in 2017 and directed by Matt Spicer. This film is based on the people who are getting obsessed with the overuse of social media. The actress Aubrey Plaza is playing the role of Ingrid, and Elizabeth Olsen is playing the role of Taylor Sloane. In this film, Ingrid is obsessed with Taylor, who is a social media influencer. Ingrid becomes out of control and decides to travel to California to meet Taylor. This movie has a very great message to deliver to our youth that to use social media is one thing, but to become obsessed with social media is another thing, and everyone must avoid the unnecessary and access use of social media.

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