These Upcoming Technologies Will Take Down Amazon Kindle

In this decade, e-reader or Kindle has gained a lot of popularity as it made life easier for the readers. It became practical to carry the world of knowledge and books in one device rather than taking multiple thick hardcovers of your favorite books on a long train journey. Kindle replaced the load of carrying the books around, but it seems like soon some new technologies will take over the position that an Amazon Kindle holds. Follow the article to know about the new e-readers that might pose a threat to Amazon Kindle’s popularity by the end of 2021.

E Ink’s E-Paper ACeP 2nd Gen

Recently, at Display Week, E Ink Holdings Inc. announced its 2nd generation Advanced Color e-paper Display. Later, Onyx also scheduled the launch of Boox Poke Color with ACeP version 2. For those wondering about the ACeP, it processes black and white E Ink pages faster than ever. It indicates a massive improvement if compared with the first generation ACeP panel, and on a reflective panel, the color saturation will do wonders. But it still needs to be improved a lot in terms of rendering colored images.

The ACeP uses four different color pigments that can be used to add complexities on the screen. Unfortunately, the slower refresh rate turns out to be its drawback.

Colour Filter Arrays

A Colour Filter Array is another form of e-paper technology that works as a thin layer of colored liquid crystal filter on the electrophoretic panels. Multiple layers of these crystals combinedly create a full-colored display but at a lower resolution. These days, a Color Filter Array offers better depth in the color that can go around up to 4,000 colors or more, and their resolution is, often, less when compared to Carta film. But the manufacturing cost of Color Filter Array is less than its competitors, and it can be added to a black and white reflective screen as well. E Ink is also trying to use a CFA instead of glass to make it light, durable, and provide a better experience to the people reading on e-reader tablets. It is most likely to be introduced in Kindle if the company looks for an upgrade.

Hisense Color E-reader Phone

Hisense is popularly known for manufacturing TVs, smartphones, display panels, etc. Now, they are working on manufacturing the black-and-white E Ink phones known as Hisense A5. They recently launched two smartphones back to back, known as Hisense A5C and A5 Pro CC, and both of them use color E Ink panels. They’ve also used Kaleido – the E Ink’s Print Color technology. Kaleido is powerful enough to display 16 levels of grayscale and 4096 colors. It enables in offering ultra-low power and high mobility devices with a paper-like experience with its crisp texts and detailed color graphics that can be seen comfortably under the sunlight as well. However, both the smartphone models of the Hisense are still limited to color depth, ghosting, and low screen resolution.

Until now, only two companies have registered their colored e-readers to make a shift this year. Soon, these technologies might take over Kindle if it refuses to introduce colors to it. The earlier launches of these colored e-reader tablets might be high on price, but as the supply increases, prices will start to go down, eventually.

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